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About Me

               I'm a passionate host and Producer with experience in every single aspect of what goes into creating entertaining and engaging content for an incredibly large and diverse audience. I'm incredibly creative, I problem-solve like a true Eagle Scout, and the thought of cutting corners generally makes me nauseous (and paranoid for failure).


             I work in Hampton Roads, a top-50 market that is incredibly transient and diverse in its sports interests, delivering several hours of content (both live and pre-produced) covering a myriad of sports topics, both local and national, with very strong knowledge and emphasis on college sports. Due to the size of my station, I am frequently individually responsible for the entire creation of this content, running the process from brainstorming, to production to live implementation with just the help of a live board-op; this has given a much more comprehensive vision of what truly goes into creating and advertizing content and connecting with the public.

        My passions outside of work feed into the media industry still. I'm an incredibly experienced musician, with an ever-increasing knowledge of music production and marketing. My diehard college sports fandom has lead me to a greater appreciation of culture and teambuilding and my love for Philadelphia sports has taught me about the love of the process. I also find creative outlets in graphic design and website creation and frequently combine the two in my work and personal life to enhance something I'm already passionate about.

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